Sheltowee Venture Fund FAQ

Applications to the Sheltowee Venture Fund are only accepted from members of the Sheltowee Business Network. The least expensive option for membership is as an Explorer. The normal price for membership as an Explorer is $297, or $30 per month.

The goal of the Sheltowee Business Network is to start and grow businesses. The Sheltowee Venture Fund must be highly selective in the investments it makes. Therefore most applicants will not receive a capital investment. It is our goal to provide value to all members of the Sheltowee Business Network. All applicants will receive feedback from Mentors of the Sheltowee Business Network to provide value to applicants with recommendations on how to build their business.

Our goal is to provide feedback within 2 weeks of your application. This feedback will come from Mentors who review your application. There will also be notification as to whether you will be invited to present to the Fund. /p>

The process can take anywhere from 30 days to 120 days. The Fund will not be making investments until the 2nd quarter of 2019.

As an Entrepreneur member of the network, members have the option to participate in the full curriculum of Business in a Box or in the Fund Raising program that focuses on existing businesses who need help with fund raising. Members who join as an Entrepreneur are guaranteed an opportunity to present to the investment committee of the Sheltowee Venture Fund.

In most cases the Sheltowee Venture Fund will require our portfolio companies to engage someone from our circle of trust to assist them in building their business. This is the human capital that we bring to the table. Our experienced mentors bring tremendous value to the table for our portfolio companies.