The Sheltowee Team

The Sheltowee Business Network leadership team is made up of a diverse group of entrepreneurs.  Although the team holds titles that the outside world can understand, the team works in a collaborative and respectful fashion, as peers and partners.  

Myron Wolff is the Executive Chairman of the Sheltowee Business Network.  Myron grew up on a ranch in White Butte, South Dakota and applied the lessons of hard work and integrity learned from the ranch, to grow multiple businesses.  Myron’s 40 year career has had a broad financial focus. His experience has included: Banking (management, credit risk, disruptive infrastructure initiatives, wealth & tax management); Financial workout/restructuring/due diligence consultant; Targeted ownership in a wide range of underperforming companies; Ownership in diversified ranching operation; and a Senior Manager of a Family Office.  He holds a BA in Business Administration and Economics from Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD; an MA in Economics from South Dakota State University and post graduate studies at Northwestern University.  

Alex Day is a co-founder and CEO of the Sheltowee Business Network LLC.  Alex's academic background is in physics, mathematics and Russian language.  Alex founded his own company in 2000 and has helped to start dozens of companies since then.  Alex has been instrumental in the state of Kentucky in the area of plant made pharmaceuticals and has assisted in raising over $50 million in capital for his client companies.  Alex is passionate about science, entrepreneurism, the outdoors and his faith.  Alex has managed venture capital funds and understands what it is like to be on both sides of the table, both as an investor and as an entrepreneur seeking investment.  Alex is interested in developing and deploying systems and programs that will significantly enhance the entrepreneurial ecosystem and have a strong impact on that ecosystem in his home state of Kentucky and around the country.

JR Rose is the President of the Sheltowee Business Network LLC.  He began helping entrepreneurs and start-up companies in 1990, providing them with financial, operational and leadership services. He was involved in start-ups dealing in secure underground data storage centers, alternative energy sources, computer-human interfaces, software coaching systems, video-streaming, intelligent content selection software, and educational broadcasting among others.  JR started out as a CPA at one of the major accounting firms.  JR is a member of the Keiretsu Forum Midwest and has been active in angel investing.  

Dawn Marie Yankeelov is the Chief Communications Officer for the Sheltowee Business Network LLC.  Dawn brings clientele an in-depth knowledge of marketing, advertising and public relations tied to web strategy and business planning. Prior to founding ASPectx in 1997, she managed an award-winning, Florida-based full-service, marketing communications firm for nine years, specializing in high technology and health care. Her keen interest in leveraging clients on the Information Superhighway lead to a move to centrally locate in the Midwest and the
founding of ASPectx. She is an accomplished journalist, and contributes to books published by Faircount International celebrating military intelligence, and technology-oriented trade magazines, such as Information Today, and Electronic House. She assists as a key organizer for technology conferences by Infonortics Ltd. of Tetbury, England on virtual communities, database mining, and intranets.

John Cianciolo is the Chief Financial Officer of the Sheltowee Business Network. Over the course of his 30+ year career, John has filled nearly every role across the finance spectrum in mature public companies, startups and companies of various stages in between.

He relies on clear communication skills and attention to detail to serve as a consultative resource to company leadership, and to work effectively with bankers, auditors, attorneys and members of the operations value chain.

In addition to classic reporting and analysis responsibilities, John has: 

  • Led funding initiatives for privately held companies, raising nearly $100 million of equity and new/renewal debt financing.
  • Led numerous M&A teams responsible for evaluation, due diligence and integration of newly acquired operations.
  • Led numerous corporate restructuring initiatives, resulting in re-aligned ownership, reporting structures and capital structures.
  • Developed or improved a wide variety of administrative and operating functions for start-up and high-growth entities.

John is a Chartered Financial Analyst and member of the CFA Society of Cincinnati.  

Bryan Welage is Chief Connections Officer of the Sheltowee Business Network.