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About the Instructor
Alex Day
Alex is the founder of Business in a Box. His academic background is in Physics, Mathematics and Russian Language. He is passionate about entrepreneurism, science and technology, the outdoors and his faith. His top five strengths are Ideation, Learner, Strategic, Input and Intellection. He started his first business in High School and has started several companies and has helped hundreds of people start businesses.

About the Course
In this course you will explore what it is that really drives you.  With the associated modules we will quantify where you are today in different areas of your life with the Life Wheel, we will identify your key strengths with Strength Finder, we will identify what your core values are, we will identify what your passions are, how you view success, we will develop a Personal Mission Statement and we will set personal goals.  The objective of this course is to help you understand what the things are that drive you and what it is that really motivates you.  This will help us identify what businesses may be good for you and how to structure a business that fits into your life.