Having a mentor
can be incredibly

But good mentors
value their time

The Sheltowee Mentorship
Platform optimizes the
mentor-protégé experience

By using the Mentorship
Platform, the mentor can
zero in on where the
protégé needs the most help

Mentors can help you avoid incredibly costly mistakes  

Mentors can save you money  
Mentors can save you a lot of time  

How Sheltowee Mentorship Works

Meet a Sheltowee mentor

The mentor provides a code
to access the Mentorship Form

You fill out the
Mentorship Form

The mentor
receives a custom

The mentor now better
understands how they can


Oftentimes finding the right mentor can be more valuable to an entrepreneur than any cash investment.  With the Sheltowee Mentorship Platform we help to facilitate the mentor-protégé relationship and maximize the benefits to both parties.  By completing the Mentorship Form and the steps that follow, you can assist potential mentors to better understand your needs and where you are in the entrepreneurial process.  This allows both parties to make the most productive use of their time.  

The information that you submit will be maintained as confidential.  The information you share will only be shared with the mentor who invited you, unless you give permission.  It should take between 10 and 45 minutes to complete the form.     

The mentor who invited you to this site will be provided a report based on the information you provide.  If you choose to participate in the Business in a Box program, your mentor will be kept informed of your progress.  This allows your mentor to be highly effective in the time that they spend with you.  

Fill out the Mentorship Application to provide mentors with the information they need to help you in the most effective way possible