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Highlights of Startup Louisville Week

Highlights of Startup Louisville Week

Oct 18 2019

Highlights of Startup Louisville Week

The Founder Hunt, Nov. 15—11 AM to 5:30 PM, Churchill Downs, Starting Gate Suites. Registration Required.

As part of Techstars 1st Startup Week in Louisville, a new event is being unveiled called The Founder Hunt at Churchill Downs from 11 AM to 3 PM, then networking and racing action.  This event is designed as a startup pitch in reverse. Research-backed technologies from universities and related facilities are seeking investors and founders who want to build a company around them. 

Attendance is expected from those who are investors, corporate innovators or founders particularly in healthcare, bio tech, or life science in the Midwest region looking for new technology to integrate into their products or services.  Founder Hunt is supported by commercialization efforts at the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky and the Commonwealth Commercialization Center (C3).  Other partners include LEAP, and the Louisville CEO Healthcare Council. 

The day opens with a Keynote Address from:  E. Joe Steier, CEO of Signature Healthcare.  He is the President & CEO and Co-Founder of Signature HealthCARE (SHC), one of the nation’s leading long-term care, rehabilitation and health care providers with 138 locations in 10 states and approximately 17,300 employees.

Technology pitches will be from 11:45 AM to 1 PM with lunch and poster sessions from 1 PM to 3 PM.  Registered attendees can then attend the day’s remaining racing at the track and network.  Technologies that are looking for startup partners include:  eis inhibitors in the treatment of tuberculosis (UK); an airway pressure monitoring device: respiratory motor function (U of L);  retinopathy diagnosis software: software for automatically segmenting blood vessels from OCT and OCT-A scans (U of L); a chemical compound that better targets specific types of reproductive cancer tumors (EKU); novel anti-fungal agents (UK); pain management coping kit for youth (used at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia); development of a small molecule inhibitor of PFKFB4 for cancer (U of L); and Novel Peptide and Small Molecule Peptidomimetics for Inhibition and Destruction of Biofilms for oral disease treatment (U of L).

The event will be inside Churchill Downs’ Starting Gate Suites. The venue features a bar, several breakout rooms and a balcony overlooking the track.  Attendance is free, but all must register.

TALK’s What 5G Will Bring You, Nov. 15—5:30 PM to 7:30 PM, The Center By SIDIS, 900 E. Main St., Registration on Eventbrite. Find out more at:

Another Techstars Startup week in Louisville event brought to you by the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK) will focus on overviewing the benefits and nuances of 5G for smart cities and other areas, like manufacturing, corporations and even individuals.

Take a deep dive at what Kentucky will see in the areas of 5G, and discuss some of the cities already deploying 5G projects.

The presenter is Phillip K. Brown, Government Affairs Manager, Central Area, Crown Castle. Networking begins at 5:30 PM with appetizers and a cash bar.  The presenter will speak at 6 PM.

5G is the next generation of wireless connectivity. Verizon announced that it intends to launch its 5G Ultra Wideband network in more than 30 U.S. cities by the end of this year, including Indy. AT &T has 5G operating in Louisville in certain areas. Through a combination of technologies—including millimeter waves, small cells , and fiber—5G is capable of delivering data rates as high as 1 gigabit per second. That’s 20x faster than current networks and comparable to the speeds you get from a wired connection like cable or fiber optic internet service. It’s already clear that 5G will launch new industries and fundamentally change how many existing businesses operate.  AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies in classrooms, libraries, and museums will transform the way we learn—and explore the world.  By combining the digital world with the real world in front of you, new technologies will merge online and in-store experiences. Many experts predict that 5G will pave the way for new developments in AR and VR technologies that could spur entire new industries.  Connected machinery is making industries like manufacturing, construction, and mining safer and more efficient. Remote controlled machinery allows for safer responses to emergency situations such as landslides, earthquakes, flooding, and fires.

Attendance is free. Register on Eventbrite.