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New Angel Investor Group to Start in Louisville

New Angel Investor Group to Start in Louisville

Aug 16 2019


New Angel Investor Group to Start in Louisville

By Alex Day

The Sheltowee Business Network is partnering with the Angel Capital Group to start the Louisville Sheltowee Angels.  Louisville has had various angel investing groups over the years, but none have been active for a few years.  First of all, let’s discuss what an angel investor is.  An angel investor is someone who is interested in early stage entrepreneurial companies and invests in them.  Most of the time an angel investor is also an accredited investor.  This is a designation by the SEC that essentially makes sure that the investor is sophisticated enough that that they do not get taken advantage of. 

Sheltowee is working diligently to provide resources for entrepreneurs.  These resources include training, tools and introductions to capital providers.  Our effort to partner with angel investor groups is a part of our strategy to network with groups that have an interest in investing in early stage companies.  The Sheltowee Business Network is exploring relationships with numerous angel investor groups and since Louisville does not currently have an active angel investor group, we are working to establish one.  We seek individuals who share our core values of:

  1. Help others
  2. Always act in a kind, ethical and transparent fashion
  3. Honor those who assume the risk
  4. Expect a financial return on your interactions within the network

We believe strongly that early stage investors can make money and help people at the same time.  This objective of mutual respect is important and something that we will promote strongly. We anticipate the first Louisville Sheltowee Angel Club meeting to occur on Sept. 23, 2019, and the location (and time) is yet undetermined.

The Louisville Sheltowee Angels will be an organization that establishes a small fund that will be maintained by the Sheltowee Business Network.  To join the group an investor must be accredited, must commit to investing $20,000 over two years, and must share the Sheltowee Business Network’s core values. 

The Sheltowee Business Network is partnering with Eric Dobson of the Angel Capital Group out of Knoxville, Tennessee.  The ACG has successfully establish funds in 10 cities and the Louisville Sheltowee Angels will interact and participate with these other groups as well as other established angel groups in the region.  ACG and the Sheltowee Business Network will be partnering to develop tools that will be of assistance to the angel investor in selecting and evaluating companies for investment, and tools that will provide feedback to other investors and entrepreneurs on how the entrepreneurs rate in key areas. 

Sheltowee and ACG had an introductory meeting to angel investing in July and will be holding an informational meeting on the Louisville Sheltowee Angels on September 23.  Sheltowee is seeking two types of angel investors.  Those who would like to have an active participation in the group, and those who would prefer a passive participation.  With the fund model that we are pursuing, individuals have the opportunity be either passive or active.  For more information contact me, the Founder of the Sheltowee Business Network, Alex Day at or at 502-299-5079 .