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Welcome to Sheltowee's Business in a Box's open beta member portal.  To access the information contained in this portal, you will need to be a registered member.  During our public beta we do ask that you provide feedback and assist us in developing a resource that helps start businesses.   If you are a member, please login, if you are not yet a member you can join by clicking here. Our basic tenants are: 

  • We help entrepreneurs start and grow businesses
  • We only provide instruction from experienced entrepreneurs
  • We provide our premium content and services at affordable prices


Below is some information on how Business in a Box works and how you can get the most out of it.


Explorer Package $995

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  • Be Mentored
  • Life Planning
  • Find Your Passions
  • Post your idea

Small BusinessCALL

  • Custom monthly fee
  • Complete business package
  • Basic IT System
  • Business Plan Development


  • Custom monthly fee
  • Advisory services
  • One on one assistance
  • Funding assistance

Explorer Package ($995 or $99.95/mo)

Having a mentor to help guide you in your entrepreneurial endeavors can be invaluable.  With the Explorer Package you get a Mentor who helps you understand who you are and what drives you.  Below are the different modules that come with the Explorer Package and their individual prices.  Purchased as a package you get all of the modules for just $995 annually, or monthly at $99.95. 

Module Description Individual Price
Finding Your Path Helps discover you passions and set your goals $97
Finding Your Strengths Gallup Strength Finders assessment $97
Business Basics Learning the fundamentals of business $197
The Woman Owned Business Issues for women business owners $197
The Minority Owned Business Issues for minority owned businesses $197
Is Owning a Business Right for You The realities of owning a business $197
The Importance of Selling Understanding the realities of sales $97
Options for Owning a Business The different ways you can come to business ownership $297
Understanding Your Credit Score Understanding how your credit score can impact business ownership $297
Sheltowee's Mentorship Platform A form that helps our mentors understand your needs $97
Sheltowee's IdeaShare Platform Allows you to share your idea and get feedback $97


Entrepreneur Package ($5,000)

With the Entrepreneur Package you have access to all of the modules in the Explorer Package, plus the following modules, all for just $5,000 annually.

Module Description Individual Price
Intellectual Property Understanding the issues surrounding IP $497
Planning Your Business Different issues you need to think about $297
Forming Your Business Filing your documentation $147
Your Operating Agreement Understanding the different issues of the Operating Agreement $197
Your Branding Getting logo and other branding $97
The Business Plan Writing the actual business plan $197
Marketing 101 Understanding how to market your product $497
Building Your Website Fundamentals of building a website $497
Accounting 101 The fundamentals of accounting and projections $497
Understanding Due Diligence What investors look for when investing $297
Funding Your Business The different options and challenges for funding your business $997