The Sheltowee Business Network
helps build businesses

Sheltowee is building a network
of individuals who are
committed to help people start and grow
their own businesses

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Join a Network that is
dedicated to entrepreneurs

The Sheltowee Business Network is a
community of entrepreneurs that are
committed to growing businesses

Starting a business
can be confusing

Sheltowee can help explain
how to start your business,
and will save you a tremendous amount
of time, frustration and money

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Sheltowee Mentors will
help save you money

Sheltowee helps you avoid
pitfalls that can be very expensive,
and helps you find valuable information
that can save you thousands.

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The Sheltowee Business Network is
being built by REAL entrepreneurs

If you are going to go into business
you want experienced people helping you.
Sheltowee Mentors are highly experienced
and will help guide you.

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The Sheltowee Venture Fund
can provide capital to help
grow your business

The Sheltowee Venture Fund deploys
money and human capital
to grow businesses

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The Sheltowee Business Network is committed to building an ecosystem of individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurism and business and want to make a difference in their community.  The core tenants of the Sheltowee Business Network are:

  • Help others
  • Always act with kindness, integrity and transparency
  • Honor those who assume the risk
  • Expect a financial return on your interactions in the network

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The Sheltowee Business Network is for...

People who are not happy where they are and starting a business may be right for them

People who know they would like to start a business and don't know where to start

Experienced business owners who want to grow their business and contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Sheltowee is building
an ecosystem to
start and grow businesses

Working together to navigate business ownership...

The Sheltowee Business Network is made up of people who have built businesses and people who want to build a business.  They work together to navigate the maze of entrepreneurism. 

We provide tools and information to help grow businesses...

Sheltowee's Business in a Box is a curriculum designed to get businesses up and running fast.  In concert with our network of Mentors, the curriculum can save new entrepreneurs tremendous time and money. 


The average MBA costs
over $60,000 and is usually
taught by academics,
not business people

We provide human capital and venture capital...

The most valuable resource available is people.  The Sheltowee Business Network connects people to work together to build businesses.  


The Sheltowee Venture Fund invests in entrepreneurs who are members of the Sheltowee Business Network.  Investments of up to $500,000 will be made in exceptional businesses.  

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